Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Cole and Mia!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cort's Trip to Florida

This past weekend Cort took a short trip down to Jacksonville to visit with Dave, Liz, and Braiden.  We had not had the chance to meet Braiden yet, and Cort was itching to get down there (I am too, but I have to wait until they come up this Spring!).  He had a wonderful trip and said the highlight was getting to spend time with Braiden.  Thank you Dave and Liz for your hospitality!!

Things were good here on the homefront, despite the kids having colds.  They treated me well and things were relatively calm, but I was still very happy to see Cort pull in Sunday night (right in time for the Superbowl I may add!).  The kids missed Cort, but we had the opportunity to skype throughout the weekend (this was our first time) and they thought that was awesome.  We will definitely be doing that more often with Dave and Liz so we can watch Braiden as he grows.

Speaking of Braiden, he is in the running to be a weekly winner for a photo contest for Parent magazine.  Would you be so kind to click here to vote for Braiden?   Once you do that, Braiden's picture will come up and you will click on the button that says: "I LOVE IT" which is underneath the photo of Braiden.  Thank you!

Cort did not take a camera down, so I stole this pic off of Dave and Liz's blog-thanks guys!

Cort and Braiden hanging out