Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Time Mini-Golfing 6.20.11

So I am still attempting to catch up on the blog, so please excuse the summer posts.  :)  Back in June we were invited to Mikey's birthday party which happened to be at a mini-golf place.  The kids had never been mini-golfing before, so we knew it would be fun for them.  Needless to say, they both had some interesting "technique." 

Cole checking out his ball in the hole
Mia posing
Intense concentration and interesting grip :)
Waiting her turn
Cole excited to get to the next hole
Again, interesting technique

Cole loved this one where the water took the ball down
Playing hard
The birthday boy
Melissa and Mikey
Make a wish!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fall Pictures

By now most people have received our Christmas cards so I can finally post these pictures.  Each year I swap taking pictures with my girlfriends Kristy and Melissa.  A special thanks to Kristy for taking our pictures once again this year.  I have kept these under wraps since early October, so it is nice to have a chance to finally post these and to update the blog.  

These were taken on a beautiful fall day in downtown Naperville.  I would love to say both kids were super-cooperative, but Cole is still a bit resistant to getting his picture taken and required quite a few bribes.  :)  Either way, I am always happy to have a nice family photo we can look back at in years to come. 

Mia-5 Years Old
Cole-3 Years Old
LOVE these two!
And our card this year...