Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Family Pictures

Awhile back I took some pictures of Andy and Shannon's family. In return, Andy took some of us today. We made it short and sweet because unfortunately Mia had a fever last night and while it was gone this morning, she still didn't seem 100%. Plus it was VERY cold so early in the morning! Either way, I am very happy with them and the fact that we have a nice family photo! I tend to be the picture-taker, so I don't have a lot of pictures with the 3 of us in them. Thank you Andy! I also have to give a shout-out to Venessa for Mia's cute outfit!

Our Family

Me and Mia

My cutie-pie One of my favorites Mia did not want to sit for these Checking out the ducks

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playdate with Payton

This Wednesday, Mia and I went over to Kristy's to have a little playdate. We had decided we would just go take a walk to the park, but it ended up being a pretty quick visit. After about 10 minutes Mia had hit her head twice and was in tears, and then Payton had a diaper leak. We headed back for a calmer time in Kristy's house. I have to admit that I thought Mia was being a little dramatic, but it turns out Mia has a bit bruise on her right cheek-that's my little bruiser for you! :) Here are a few shots I managed to get.

Payton on the slide
Payton and Mia sliding together (how cute is her sweatshirt-Thanks Kristin!!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Subdivision Halloween Parade

This past Saturday, our subdivision had a Halloween parade. We borrowed Sarah and Ian's wagon and walked down to the park. They had the kids walk about the length of a block while people in the neighborhood passed out candy. Mia seemd a little baffled by it all, but kept looking in her treat bag as people put candy in it. By the way, Mia is a little fairy this year. :)

What's in here?

Yay!! A blowpop!

This is how I know she is mine-candy in hand!

Aidan's Birthday

October 17th my nephew Aidan turned 4. He loves trains, so his party was at All Aboard, a cute little train diner in Woodridge. The kids got to sit up at the counter, where a train goes around and carries the food out. The kids also got to wear little conductor hats. Here are some pictures from the party.

The birthday boy

Conductor Mia

Ava eating her lunch

The boys

Mia sitting at the counter looking like she is enjoying her lunchAva and Kate
Waiting for the birthday cupcakes to come on the train

Opening presents

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Miss Pretty Eyes

When Mia was a bit younger she was nicknamed "Miss Pretty Eyes" by my aunt. I was practicing with my camera yesterday since the light was good in the living room, and after looking a this picture, I thought Mia was living up to that name. :) I should also mention that as she was sitting on this chair next to the window, a bird flew right into the window with a big "thud." I went and checked on him and he was okay, but it very much startled us both!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where Have I Been?

So I know it has been awhile!!! October has been a crazy, busy month!! So what have we been up to? I will update with a bunch of posts below so you can see.

Before I do that though, I will give a little update on Mia. My little girl is getting so big!! She is now 14 months old. She has become obsessed with Halloween decorations. Everytime we go on a walk, she is sure to point out the pumpkins on each person's porch. She has been quite the chatterbox lately, even though half the time we don't know quite what she is saying. :) Some of her words include: mom, dad, up, duck, and pumpkin (more like bumkin-only we probably understand this one). She will also repeat a lot of things (cat, Zip, spider, etc.), but not necessarily do it unprompted. She will sign "more," "milk," and "yes," although she likes to stick with just one sign sometimes.

One of Mia's newest favorite activity is going down slides. I swear she must have gone down the slide at the park today 100 times! She likes to go down on her stomach, feet first, although she will go by herself sitting up too. She is also quite the climber-she will climb over anything in her way and fling herself around. If you tell her to dance or jump, she will bounce up and down (she does the same thing for both!). It is so cute. She also loves to be tickled and will let out big giggles. Then if you tell her to tickle you, she will do it, but she expects a big reaction out of you (fake laughs!), which gets her laughing even harder.

Mia has also learned how to run away, which she finds extremely amusing. She will make a beeline away from me when she sees me coming with a diaper or her PJs at night. She thinks this is so funny and shrieks with laughter as she is crawling full-speed away. Mia has also perfected her cry when something is taken away from her, or when it is time to leave somewhere and she is not ready. This happened at the park today after the 100th time down the slide. :)

Mia's top 2 teeth have come in and you can see them pretty well now. She has had a rough couple of days because another top tooth is on its way in. Teething sure is fun! Mia also is finally starting to grow some hair, although I guess I should be careful what I wish for. She is now sporting the beginning of a lovely baby mullet. Her hair gets so crazy too-it actually has a bit of curl to it. I think we will be in that awkward growing out stage for awhile.

Mia has been doing a good job with her transition to table food. She pretty much will eat whatever we are having which is very nice. The only problem is that whenever I am eating something that looks different than what she has on her tray, she wants it. I have to be careful what I eat in front of her! Of course I add some extra yummies for her at dinnertime like peas and carrots-she loves them! She also likes her sweets too and will easily put down a whole cupcake if we are at a birthday party.

So that's about it, hopefully that catches me up a bit!! Enjoy all the catch-up posts below!

Lucas-6 months

Lisa and Bob stayed with us last weekend since they were in town from St. Louis. It was fun to have such a full house, and I got to spend lots of time with Addision and Lucas. Mia had fun having other kids around and loved playing with Lucas's car seat all weekend-yet another reason not buy expensive toys!! Lisa wanted to get some 6-month shots of Lucas, so we did a mini photo shoot in the kitchen. Here are a couple pictures of him-he is Bob's spitting image and such a cutie-pie!! It was great seeing you guys!!

Ava's 1st Birthday

My niece Ava recently turned 1. Sarah threw the cutest little girl tea party for her birthday-no boys allowed! There were plenty of tiaras to go around! Sarah had small tables and chairs set up for all the little girls. It was so cute watching them all sit and eat.

Samantha and Ava playing (I love how Sam's hair is blowing here!)
Ava and Mia eating
Mia with the big girls
Ava's birthday cupcake
This is what happened if you were a boy who tried to join the party

Arboretum with Mom

After Ava's birthday party we went with my mom to the Arboretum for their yearly fall fest. Unfortunately though that day felt nothing like fall!! It had to be 90 degrees! We were sweating! Regardless, we had a good time going through the Children's Garden and checking out all the decorated scarecrows. Thanks for joining us mom!

Mia and Grandma
Going down the slide with daddy
Playing around

With Grandma again

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Today I went into the city to see theChicago Marathon. I love to watch because it is truly very exciting and inspiring. Pam, Rebecca, Allison, Kelly, and I had so much fun cheering on the runners. One lady commented how we knew a lot of runners because we were cheering for so many by name. She didn't realize it was because they had their names on their shirts for motivation. :) We got to see Melissa at mile 6, but I know later in the day they had to close the course down because of the extreme heat. I am sure Melissa will have her marathon update on her blog soon to check out. Here are some pictures...

Waiting for Melissa
Kelly greeting Melissa
Look at that smile!
Saying hi to Rebecca
Running in memory of Chris's cousin's daughter