Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mia's 100th Day of School

Today was a big day for Mia-Her 100th Day of Kindergarten!  After teaching for 10+ years and being on the teacher end of 100-day celebrations, it was fun to experience it through Mia's eyes.  A couple weeks ago we got a note home saying that the 100th day was approaching and that Mia was to create something she could wear to school with 100 of something on it.  I decided to bring Mia to Hobby Lobby and let her decide on what she wanted.  She quickly decided on a pink t-shirt, but then we walked through the aisles to decide what exactly she would attach to it.  She had some pretty specific ideas (wanted butterflies) and luckily found what she wanted.  She ended up with a pack of foam, glittery butterfly stickers.

She was super-excited to create her shirt and even more excited to wear it.  Her 100th day of school was a success, with her getting a little certificate for being able to count to 100 and write her numbers to 100.  They also got to do a bunch of 100 day activities and best of all, most of her stickers stayed attached!  Here are some pictures of her shirt-making and posing before school.  Please excuse the terrible lighting, I was lazy and didn't feel like getting my flash.  :)

Centering "100 Day" on her shirt
 Counting out 100 butterflies by putting them in 10 groups of 10 (with some help from Zip)


 Sticking all her butterflies on
 So proud of her hard work
 And moving to daylight....
The Back 
 Mia and Cole (this is is cheese face)
 And one of my sweet boy who never normally likes me to take his picture, but asked me today.  :)