Sunday, April 17, 2011

Touch a Truck

This week is the "Week of the Young Child," which I know is celebrated by many park districts with free activities.  Today we headed over to the Bolingbrook Park District for their "Touch a Truck" event.  They had a bunch of different types of trucks including a firetruck, ambulance, construction vehicles, an awesome RV, etc.  They also had pony rides and a trackless train the kids could ride.  The only downside is it is still so cold!  The kids had a good time checking them all out and then we hit the pool afterwards.  Needless to say they were worn out by the time we were done. 

Mia in a firetruck
 Cole in the firetruck
 The kids in the RV
 Cort "traveling" in style
 Cort and the kids

 Mia and Mommy
 Mia and Cole having a good time

 Mia in a school bus, gettting ready for kindergarten next year!
 Pony Rides!

 The kids with "Parkie" the Pelican
 Cute Cole on the train
 Mia with "Uncle" Rich and his police dog Goliath

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soccer-Part 2

Last night I was too beat after being out in the fabulous weather with the kids to blog these all, but this morning I am feeling more refreshed. :)  Sooooo, awhile back we decided to sign Mia up for soccer.  She had a bit of an introduction last summer with a week long summer camp session at her school, and we felt this would be a good activity for her.  She is still taking dance, but we knew a team sport would be a good chance for her to both learn some new athletic skills as well as how to play on a team (she was a bit frustrated last summer when she wouldn't get the ball or would get it taken away).

We signed her up for the "Little Kickers" team and soon received an email that they needed coaches.  When I forwarded it on to Cort he said he would be willing to assistant coach and I let the league know that.  Well, surprise!! Cort is the head coach, ha, ha! :)  I do have to say, he did an AWESOME job with the 10 boys and girls on Mia's team last night and has one of our family friends helping assistant coach who also has a son on our team.

The only downside was yesterday was in the 50s, wet, and rainy.  I guess this was our induction in being "soccer parents."  By the end of the night everyone was COVERED in mud.  We came home, did baths for the kids, and laundry for all of our mud covered clothes and shoes. 

Mia right before we left, soooo excited for soccer! She had talked about it all day.
 Practicing her kicks

 Out on the soccer field
 Ummm, can you see how excited she was?
 Practicing her running
 Jerseys on!  Practicing dribbling with Ava 
 Kicking toward the goal

Getting some pointers from dad 
 Cort giving the kids some pointers
 Keeping Cole occupied during the game.  Poor guy wanted to be a part of things so bad.  He kept saying he wanted to be a "big kid" so he could play soccer.  We need to look into something for him. :)

The "Sharks" stretching 
 Ava and Mia waiting for directions
 Me with Venessa-by the second half of the hour-long practice.  Aaron and Cole retreated to her car for a movie while we watched from the parking lot.  Erica and Mia didn't end up on the same team since Jimmy got roped into coaching too.  They are on the field next to us though.
 Mia is #4-ha, ha!
 Action shot-going after the ball

I am sure there will be more pictures once they start playing games in a couple of weeks.  Until then, I am back on the bandwagon-yeah!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Wow!  No post since January!  What can I say??  Between family life and work things have been BUSY!  The good news is I've been taking lots of pictures, now I just have to blog them! :)

Here's a start!  Today was Mia's 1st soccer practice.  Here's a picture to hold you over until I do a longer post tomorrow.  :)