Saturday, August 21, 2010

Visit with the Sellers Side

Today we had an opportunity for the kids to spend some time with my dad's side of the family.  My 2nd cousin Mary Lou was kind enough to both initiate all of us getting together as well as also driving out my Aunt and Great Aunt.  It had been awhile since we had an opportunity to see them, so it was nice to have a chance to visit with them and for them to see how the kids have grown.  Thanks Mom also for a great lunch, despite Cole getting sick (yuck!) in the middle of it.  And onto the pictures....

The 4 cousins

The kids with Auntie Babe (my Dad's Aunt, so the kids' Great-Great Aunt, right?)

The kids with Cousin Mary Lou (my dad's cousin)
With Auntie Deets (my Dad's Sister)

The kids with Grammy

Yay!  A family picture! (Although Cole is looking a little sick/tired here)

Jen and Mike with their kids

Love this pic with my mom!

This is a neat story.  When Cort and I got married 8 years ago, I had my 2nd cousins (My Auntie Deets's daughter's girls-do you follow?) as our flower girls.  They were slightly older than Mia is now.  My aunt brought their old flower girl dresses for Mia (and Claire when she gets a little bigger!) to have for dress up.  This one fit Mia perfectly!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Start! Heart Walk, Round 2-Will You Consider Donating?

I would like to take a minute from our regularly scheduled blog posts to ask for your help. 

You probably remember that last year I participated with my family in the American Heart Associations's Start! Heart Walk.  We were successful in raising a large amount of money and we are looking to do it again this year.

This is obviously a cause close to my heart.  Throughout my dad's life, he dealt with heart problems and both Mia and I currently visit cardiologists on a yearly basis for less serious problems. The American Heart Association dedicates more monies to research than any other voluntary health organization, and only the federal government funds more cardiovascular research.

If you would like to donate you can either click on the fundraising thermometer on the side of the page (this tracks my fundraising progress) or go directly to my page by clicking here.  Please consider donating to this wonderful cause.  Thank you so much!
My Dad with a newborn Mia

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Warren Dunes

This past week, as one of our last hurrahs of the summer, Sarah and Ian invited us to the Warren Dunes for a day a the beach. We were not feeling totally motivated for 2 more hours in the car (since we had been to St. Louis the weekend prior), but I am glad we did it.  The kids had a blast.  Cole took a little while to get used to all the sand, but once he did, he was having a ball!  I am excited, because I know we will be back visiting next summer with my sister's family and my mom.  Here are a ton of pictures....

Cole playing in the sand and water
I love this of the guys with the girls
Mia and Ava swimming
Cort and Cole
Ian and Aidan
The kids had a blast burying one another
Mia, Aidan, and Ava
Mia being buried

Just a head
Me with the kids

Sarah and Ian
All 3 kids buried (this was endless entertainment)

Burying Sarah (Cole also getting in on the action-he did not want to be buried!)
Mia, Sarah and Ava
Some backstory on this-Friday was HOT.  It was fine if  you were in or near the water, but the guys got the idea they wanted to conquer the big sand dune.  However you could barely walk in the sand with flip flops (which they went barefoot) without your feet burning up.  But they wanted to give it a try. I sat on a log with Mia and took pictures. :)

Halfway up the dune-taking a break
Cort running for his life with Cole(he had to run it was so hot)
A scenic view of the dunes while I was waiting for the guys to come back down
Cort and Cole trucking down the dune
Back to the beach...
I love these next 2 pictures of Cole-he is such a water baby, just like I was when I was little

Cole and Mia swimmning together

2 funny sidenotes-I had to buy a $2 pair of flip flops to wear home since mine mysteriously disappeared.  I don't know if someone accidently (or not accidently) took them, or if they got buried (I dug and dug looking), but they were nowhere to be found and I knew we were stopping for food on the way home and I would need them.  Also, I have an awesome farmers tan on my face from wearing my sunglasses all day-and a really, really tan nose. :)  I knew it was bad when I took them off and saw Sarah's reaction.  :)

A trip to Arlington tomorrow and summer is officially over for us as school resumes mid-week next week.  It's been a good one though!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swimming at Goose Lake

This past weekend we took a wonderful end of the summer trip to St. Louis.  Pictures are coming shortly, but here are a couple video clips of Cole and Cort enjoying the water (Mia and Mommy were not so adventurous)  from when we were boating and swimming on the lake.

Cole jumping off the boat

Cole jumping off the dock

Cort jumping off the dock :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Nature Museum and Cupcakes

All summer long I have been wanting to get into the city with the kids.  But it has been a crazy-busy summer with lots of traveling and it just hadn't happened yet.  Until Monday.  I think the fact that it is August has put me into high-gear to do and take care of some of the things I was saying I was going to do this summer, but hadn't yet done.  So we packed up the car and hit the road. We started first at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and went to the butterfly haven which was a huge hit.  We then ate lunch outside looking out at the city-so pretty!  The kids spent the rest of the afternoon checking out the various exhibits.  I had thought we might end up at either Lincoln Park Zoo or the beach, but the kids were entertained at the museum so we stayed there.  However, before leaving the city, I wanted to take the quick walk up to Molly's Cupcakes to get some of the best cupcakes ever (thanks to Pam for introducing me!!).  They were yummy and of course the kids loved them. :)  Here is a little collage of pictures, click it if you want to see it larger.   

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hobson Splash Pad

Back in the day when I lived in Woodridge, there used to be 2 pools, the 75th Street Pool and Hobson Pool.  When Woodridge opened a water park, both the pools were shut down, with 75th Street Pool later becoming a park and Hobson Pool becoming a Splash Pad.  I had heard this Splash Pad had recently opened and we decided to check it out.  Cort and I were both feeling a bit unmotivated today, and it was really to hot to be outside without being near water, so this seemed like a good fit. :)  The kids loved it.  It was not too crowded and there were lots of jets, so a good time was had by all!  My only complaint is there could have been more shade. :)  You can tell I am getting old!

Here are some pictures...

Mia enjoying the splash pad

Encouraging Cole, too cute!
And Cole having a blast

Snack time!