Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer's Almost Here!!!

Our first strawberry of the year!  I am hoping the garden will be planted in the next week or two...

Mother's Day Breakfast

For Mother's Day I was invited by Mia to join her at her school for breakfast.  She was so excited and asked about it numerous times the days leading up to the breakfast.  :)  Not only did we enjoy breakfast together, she read me a book, and gave me a little gift.  The teacher's also had the kids do a little "fill in the blank" where Mia described me as being 45 and as pretty as a crystal. :)  She nailed it when she described my favorite food as chicken tacos and favorite tv show as "Dancing With the Stars."  I was glad to have a chance to do this since I was going to be away from the kids for Mother's Day in Florida for a reading conference (more on that later).  Here are some pictures...

Mia enjoying a bagel
 So happy to have mom at school
 Mia and Mommy
(I am wearing a SkippyJon Jones shirt in case you are wondering why there is a cat on my shirt, ha ha!)

 Reading me a book