Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mia's Dance Performance at the Brookfield Zoo

Mia has recently been taking a tap/ballet/tumbling combo dance class at Dance Dimensions in Bolingbrook.  Venessa asked if Mia would like to join Erica in the class and I am so glad she did!  This past week she got to be a part of 2 performances, dancing dressed as a little reindeer to "Run, Run, Rudolph."  The first performance was at the local cable access channel, where they danced in a little studio and were recorded for TV. :)  A day later, they got to perform at the Brookfield Zoo as part of Holiday Magic there.  A special thanks to all who braved the COLD to come out and support Mia.  She was thrilled to see you in the audience.  :)  Here are some pictures from the zoo.  

Venessa touching up the girls makeup
Grammy greeting Mia before her dance
Mia and Noah
Mia and Sammy
The reindeer up on stage ready to start
And dancing...
Run, Run, Rudolph!
This is what you get with a group of 4-year-olds dancing-everyone doing something different. :)
Mia was so smiley and excited to be on stage. :)

They were having so much fun!
Pam and Ryan came out to watch
And Grammy, Jen, and Mike brought flowers (Mia didn't let go of them the rest of the time)
Posing with Mia (poor Noah got blocked out by the flowers!)
Noah congratulating Mia :)
Cutest reindeer ever! 
Gigi and Papa with Mia
Family pic
Daddy and Mia
Mommy and Mia