Friday, October 15, 2010

School Pics Are In!

So the school pics are in-and I love them!  Looking at them I am struck by how grown-up Mia looks.  These are terrible scans-my scanner makes the color super-wonky, but you get the idea....

Love this smile!

 Much better than last year!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

School Pics-Ava and Mia, 1 year later

The school year is now in full-swing and Mia is loving school and getting to go 5 days a week.  We are in our routine and that includes yearly traditions like field trips and school pictures.  Do you remember last year's school pictures?  I do, the pictures below are burned in my head and make me laugh out loud every time.  Mia had taken her individual pictures, but when it came time to do one with Ava, was not having it.  It resulted in this...

Luckily I had taken this one earlier that morning :)
Although I was pretty sure we wouldn't have a repeat of that experience this year, I picked up Ava a couple minutes early on picture day and took the girls out to a small tree farm in our neighborhood and got this, my new favorite picture of the two of them.  Look how they have changed-no longer toddlers, they are looking so grown up.

I now anxiously await seeing their school pictures...