Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So I thought I would share some randomness for a Wednesday. First off, several people have commented to me on the new look of the blog or about the header. I wish I could take credit for such creativity, but I can't. Janice, who has a really cute website called Design Eleven Templates had the template for free on her personal blog with nice detailed instructions. :) She is very creative and makes all sorts of adorable cards and blog headers. All I really had to do was cut and paste and insert a picture of Mia-not too bad! Check out Kristy's blog too, she has the boy version.

Second, we have been moving slowly with baby stuff-things are sure different the second time around when you already have one that takes up all your time. But I am happy to say that we have settled on bedding and accessories for the nursery. I was looking for something more modern and everything I was finding was super-expensive-shocker I know. Cort and I were at Babies R Us the other day and I came across this Popstar Bedding I loved and that was really reasonable in price. Here are some pictures (keep in mind they are a little busy and we will not be adding every single accessory:

My next couple of tasks-

1) Finish clearing out the office. We are about 1/2 way done.

2) Finalize the furniture. We need to check one or two more places which I hope to do next week in hopes of finding a nice, reasonably priced dark-wood set.

3) Have Cort buy and set up a new closet organizer. We did this in Mia's room and I want to get the same one. We have a lot of boys clothes now thanks to a swap with my sister, Aidan's old clothes, gifts, and some stuff I have bought on clearance and I would like to get these organized

And my last random thought of the day is how my life has changed in the last couple of years. Instead of spending my upcoming Spring Break on the warm sandy beaches of Mexico, I will be spending it with a toddler at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. :) Needless to say, Cort and I are very excited to get away for a couple of days and I know Mia is going to have a ball at the indoor waterparks there. The Wilderness came highly recommended by both Melissa and Mike and Nic, so I know it is kid-tested and parent-approved. :) Time to break out the maternity swimsuits-yikes!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at Grandma's

After our busy morning we headed over to my mom's to celebrate Easter with my grandparents, Aunt, Jen and Mike. We had a great meal and Mia enjoyed getting yet more Easter goodies and hunting for Easter eggs around grandma's place. After that we went to Sarah and Ian's (pictures of that to come later).

I had intended to take some more formal Easter pics of Mia and even send out some Easter cards, but I think Easter being so early this year threw me off. I had about 2 minutes before we had to leave for my mom's to get some pictures of Mia in her Easter dress and this was all I got-Mia is too quick these days! I think I may need have a redo. :)

Enjoying her fruit snacks This is what you get when you ask Mia to smile-yikes! G.G. and Papa watching the kids play
Miss Mia Mia and Noah-Easter 2008
Noah and Mia-Easter 2007Mike and Cort finding the perfect egg for the Armenian Egg Fights
Mia choosing her egg
Mia and my mom seeing who has the stronger egg
My fellow photography lover-my Aunt Cathy
Checking out the goodies in the Easter baskets

Hunting for eggs-that basket was made by my grandparents and used by me when I was little

Checking out the loot
Me, my mom and Jen
The mamas

Easter Morning

Easter morning was very busy in the Graske household. First off, after Mia woke up she came downstairs to discover what the Easter Bunny had left her. What was the biggest hit? That would be the play-doh and bubbles! After playing for awhile and a pancake breakfast, we dyed our Easter eggs-better late than never! Please excuse the bad pictures, PJs, and bedhead!

Mia's Easter loot
Trying to lift her big box of play-doh
Bubbles with Daddy
And Zip joined in the fun too!
Testing out the play-doh
Coloring Easter eggs
Adding some stickers

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fetal Echo

I'm now almost 23 weeks pregnant and today was our fetal echocardiogram for Baby Boy G. I am happy to report that all looks good with the baby's heart. We also got to see the baby yawn and put his foot in his mouth-it was too cute! They switched over to the 3-D a time or two, which is always fun to see!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Messy Mia

One of my nicknames for Mia is "Messy Mia" because I swear no matter what I do, within 5 minutes of dressing her, brushing her hair, and putting in a bow, she looks completely disheveled. :) Here is an example-look at that crazy, out-of-control hair! These are a couple photos of Mia enjoying her afternoon snack. Sorry these are kind of random, I have been trying to practice my camera more on its manual settings.

Messy Mia
Maybe I should try something new for snack??-I think she is bored with the goldfish!
Mia's new face she loves to make-the fish face
Messy Mia rolling around under the kitchen table-look at her hair!!!
And one from playing outside today-Mia loves to walk up and down the sidewalk

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eggs, A Shower and Lots of Kids!

I know I often say we had a busy weekend, but this past weekend was crazy busy! Saturday started with an Easter Egg Hunt my neighborhood was having. Since Cort was working detention, Pam came over to help take Mia down to the park. Mia was less than thrilled to wake up, be shoved into clothes and a coat, and then taken out into the cold. :) She was a little unsure before the hunt began (and didn't appreciate waiting), but soon got more into it. She put about 6 eggs in her basket and then was done. :) Afterwards she had a chance to see the Easter Bunny, but was a little spooked, so I had to hold her rather than having her sit on his lap. :) Don't mind Mia's crazy outfit in these pictures...

Waiting to start-playing with a trinket from her Easter basket from Pam
With the Easter Bunny looking terrified (he is slightly frightening!)
Collecting eggs

With Auntie Pam
After the hunt, we quickly headed back home where the 3 of us changed to get ready for Dave and Liz's bridal shower (and Mia ate some Easter candy from the eggs she collected). We then quickly got back in the car and headed to Home Run Inn. It was sooooooo great to see Dave and Liz, not to mention everyone else! The food was awesome (they just kept bringing more and more) and it was great to sit and chat with everyone! Mia got to come along as well and had a good time playing with Liz, the balloons, and the video games. It was nice to get to celebrate with Dave and Liz since I am so bummed I will have to miss their wedding.

Mommy and Mia (she had her mouth full-she's so like her mommy!)
Dave and Liz
After that, we went back home where we welcomed everyone to come hang out some more with Dave and Liz (this time guys and more kids included). It is crazy to see how we have multiplied! The kids had a ball running wild in the basement, I think if I counted right there was 11 of them! Mia of course couldn't be bothered to stay up past her 7:00 bedtime, but the older kids played into the night. Once the kids headed home, the guys started up with the cards. I didn't go to bed until probably about 2:00 a.m., which is WAY past my bedtime. :) Cort was a saint and got up with Mia (I am embarrased to admit I didn't even hear her wake up on the monitor!) and let me sleep in the next morning.

Mia and Auntie Liz (the baby-whisperer)

Mini-Pat (aka Ryan)

Ryan and Patrick

Ava, Jordan and Stephanie playing tea party

The power of television-the only thing that slowed them down!
Lincoln (gosh I hope I'm getting that right!)
Ava and Liz