Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mia's 1st Dance Class

Today Mia had her first ever dance class at Dance Dimensions in Bolingbrook.  I have been meaning to sign her up for dance FOREVER, but Venessa gave me the push I needed by suggesting we join the class she had signed Erica up for. Thanks Ness!  It is a 1-hour class that is a combo of Tap, Ballet, and Tumbling.  The last couple of days have been building up the excitement as we got her shoes, tried on her leotards (Thanks Lisa!) and talked about what class would be like.  Needless to say, it was a hit!  She really liked having Erica in the class and she made a new friend Lily, the daughter of one my friends from my junior high days.  What a great surprise!  She had a great time and I think this will be a great way to improve her coordination.  :)  And of course, pictures... 

Waiting for class to begin
Erica and Mia
So excited to be in the studio for the first time
Not so sure...
But then jumping right in!
All the girls dancing
Tapping her heel
The girls concentrating
Mia and Erica again
Jumping :)
Love this! You can see how excited she is :)
The girls
Pretending to sleep-part of one of the songs
Hi Mom!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Pictures-Take 1

Can I tell you how much I love these two???  :)  These shots may have cost me some M&Ms, but was well worth it!

Mia-4 Years
Cole-2 Years
Wish they looked more enthused, but glad to have one of them just to document them together at this age.

Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cornfest at Graue Mill

Today we went to Graue Mill to both celebrate Grandparent's Day with my mom, but also to enjoy their annual Cornfest.   The last time we had been to this event was when Mia was just 1 year old.  Click here for a blast from the past. :)  It couldn't have been a more perfect day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the weather was just beautiful!  There was good food and lots of fun activities.  Here are some pictures from the day. 

I bet you didn't all know I was an expert at the stilts!  It is one of my hidden talents-watch out, I am good.  My grandpa made me a pair when I was a kid and I have had lots of practice  :)
After showing off my skills, the family had to all give it a try.
Cort's competitive side came out. :)
Even Cole got in on the action
When did she get so big?
Him too!
Cole looking for "Nemos"
Walking across the bridge
Right here Cole is demonstrating his new skill of walking backwards :)  I like this because for once it actually allows me to get a picture of his face instead of the back of his head.
Cole never wants to take off his Lightning McQueen glasses

Seriously, when did she grow from this into this?

The musical instruments were once again a hit.
With Grammy
Cole tried to drive the firetruck that was visiting
So did Mia

The kids had fun playing some old fashioned games (so did I!)
Mia had a blast trying out the potato sacks...
While Cole didn't quite understand the concept even though he had fun hopping.
Our family (don't the kids look thrilled?)
Happy Grandparent's Day to the best Grammy ever!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look Who's Riding a Bike!

Yikes!  How can it already be September?  As usual I am super-behind on blogging, most specifically the kids birthdays and our trip out to California this summer, so hopefully I will get caught up soon.

Before I do though, here are some pics from today.  We are enjoying the wonderful, cooler early fall weather (as much as it pains me to say summer is over) and we have been spending some time outside.  We have had a bike with training wheels sitting in our garage for quite awhile that was a hand-me-down from a friend.  Mia has been on it a time or two, but in true Mia fashion her talents lie more in the verbal realm than the physical realm.  :)  After a very long trip to the park the other day on a much smaller tricycle-type bike, I realized that Mia needed some help practicing her peddling and steering.  You see Mia has some short little legs (she is short for her age) and lacks a bit of leg strength.  She is also easily distracted by leaves, acorns, birds and bunnies. :)

However, I have to say Mia pleasantly surprised us and was riding her bike rather well after just a little bit of practice.  We were very proud of her and she was very proud of herself.  She even took one fairly nasty fall and when I said she could walk the rest of the way home, she was crying that she wanted to get back on her bike. That a girl!

Mia posing with her bike


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chicago Fire Game

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a Chicago Fire Game.  As I have mentioned before, my family is going to be participating in the American Heart Association's Start! Heartwalk on September 25th (which thanks to my AMAZING friends I have raised $500!!!  Whooo hooo!!).  We are walking as part of Good Samaritan's Heart of the Image team and our team leaders Dina and Lee set up an amazing event which was the game at Toyota Park. 

Dina and Lee were coworkers of my dad and have been so wonderful in keeping my dad's memory alive between the beautiful memorial plaque and bench on the grounds of Good Sam, to walking in his memory in past years for the heartwalk, to this wonderful event yesterday.  This event also was honoring 2 young boys who have had heart problems and heart surgeries in the past, but are thriving now.  We had an opportunity to talk with their families as well, which was really cool.  Ironically enough, the one boy's cardiologist was the same one who did Mia's very 1st echo right after she was born and detected her pulmonary stenosis.

For the game, we spent our time up in the party deck, which was great with the kids.  I was hesitant about bringing them since it was right during nap time and I was worried about them sitting for an extended period of time, but none of that mattered!  The novelty of the experience, plus the opportunity to run around the party deck made things easy.  Plus there was great food, drink, prizes, bags, etc.!

The weather was beautiful, the game was fun, and I am thankful for days like this where my kids can see the impact their "Grampy" had on other's lives, how loved and respected he was, and how his memory is now helping to raise money to help others with heart problems.  Thank you so much to Dina and Lee for their organization of this event and their generosity in having our families!

And now the pictures...

They were giving free scarves out and Mia always loves her accessories!
Our view of the field
Claire bear
Noah enjoying the popcorn
Cole going to town on an apple
My aunt and mom
Cole checking out the view-it was great!
Players warming up
The kids enjoying the food
A view of the party deck all set up
One of the displays with a short story about each person

These were on each of the tables too-lots of nice touches!
Me and Mia
The kids playing bags-this provided endless entertainment!
When they would play music the kids would go crazy dancing-I love this picture!
Doesn't Cole look so grown-up???
Breaking it down
Cort and Cole
Mia and Aidan watching the game
 All the kids watching
 Attempt at a group picture with all the kids :)
The kids with Lee and Dina 
 Having fun!
 Party deck
 Our family

Dina even made party bags for the kids-here's Cole checking out Aidan's 
 Aidan taking it all in
 Cort and Ian watching the game.  This was the last minute or so of the game.  There was literally no scoring until then and then both teams scored and the game ended in a tie.
 Our Family

 My aunt and Cole-love his little smile!
 And a quick story to end this post.  They wheeled the dessert cart through the party deck (it was coming from another suite and not meant for us).  Aidan and Mia went up (with some encouragement-ha, ha) to ask them where it was going and Aidan managed to score a giant cookie (which he very nicely shared with Mia).  So funny!