Monday, April 2, 2012

Brookfield Zoo With Old Friends

At the end of March we visited one of our old favorites, the Brookfield Zoo.  This time though we were joined on our visit by the Dasbachs and Smiths.  At one point in life, we were all able to get together much more easily, but that was B.K-before kids.  :)  As time has gone on and families have expanded, it becomes a much more complicated planning process!  Even with that, it wasn't perfect as the Andersons couldn't join us, but that is just another great excuse for another get-together!  It was fun watching the kids enjoy themselves and catch up as if no time had passed since they last saw one another. 

Love this of Steph-right away she took Mia and Ava's hands :)
 Our gang of kids (minus Anna)
 Stephanie is seriously such a great helper!
 Checking out the rhino
 While the guys did some catching up of their own
The kids checking out the giraffes (or the rocks on the ground, not quite sure!) 
 The girlies
 2 group shots-look how big these kids are getting!

 The boys
 The African Wild Dogs
 It was like I was on a safari-ha, ha!
 Cort and Cole checking out the eagle 
 Mia's wingspan
 My 2 favorite girls

 We got to see the polar bear up close that day, I love how the water distorts his legs!
 Ava and Mia again
 Brian, Anna, and Cole
 The kids ready for a boating expedition
 Cole and the Alligator
 The girls once again
 Beautiful snow leopards snuggling
 Mia and the leopards
 Cole and the leopards
And just one more because I think these are one of the most beautiful animals and I love their tails! 

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Shannon said...

Sad we missed this but I am so glad you guys were able to get together! Looks like a great day. The kids are so big now... And I too LOVE snow leopards!