Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monkey Joe's

This week Cort, Cole, and I have been on Spring Break and enjoying it.  Unfortunately, Mia has break next week, but with her having half-day kindergarten, we still get to spend the morning with her.  And I do have to say that it is nice to get some one-on-one time with Cole.  Yesterday afternoon we took him to Monkey Joe's and had a great time.  Monkey Joe's is one of those jumpy places and Cole really enjoyed going from jumpy to jumpy and encouraging us to climb and slide with him.  :) 

That brings me to the video.  Cort is such a kid and heart and I secretly believe he wishes these places were made for grown-ups.  He was having a good ole time with Cole.  This video is of the "pinball" jumpy where you are supposed to bounce off the things on the side.  I have watched this video over and over and over because it just makes me laugh.  Enjoy!

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